Best Sonic 2 Rom Hacks

In fact, his speed is divided by three! The original zones, with a few exceptions, are untouched;

Top 10 Sonic The Hedgehog Hacks – Youtube

Otherwise the air dash will be used and simply propel the player in a certain direction.

Best sonic 2 rom hacks. It places the levels of sonic 2 into the engine of sonic the hedgehog 3. Channels like razor & zenon also makes lots of speedruns so if something doesn't have a page on sonic retro you'll likely find a gameplay of it, if it exists. S3 editon is an assembly hack of sonic the hedgehog 2 by alriightyman for the sega mega drive.

As far as hacks that try to be their own thing, anything made by markeyjester is pure gold. There's also a youtuber by the name megagwolf that shows off all kinds of. Sonic 2 advanced edit is a rom hack by rika_chou.

Check out this rom hack. This rom hacks' original goal was merely to add time travel into sonic 2, but it has since evolved into a very customizable experience with influences from sonic 2, cd, and 3k. Sonic 2 delta is one of those rare hacks that is actually better than the original game.

This is a hack which adds the homing attack/jump dash ability into sonic the hedgehog 2 for sega genesis. The spindash from sonic 2 is here. While jumping, push the a, b and c buttons to gain a bolt around sonic, and it will allow him to be vulnerable for a tiny bit and destroy objects.

Downloading hacks are open until sunday the 13th. This is a quick conversion of sonic drift 2 from the game gear to the master system. Sonic christmas edition perfect time to metion this since christmas is coming!

This hack restores zones that were cut during development. Metal sonic in sonic the hedgehog 2 is a hack of sonic the hedgehog 2 created by lone devil. Dr robotnik's creature capture and big's fishing derby stand out from the rest.

Duck and push a, b, c to gain speed, and sonic will start rolling fast while destroying enemies. The mod has seen a total of 4 version releases. All credits go to alriightyman, provided as is simply for your enjoyment.

Sonic the hedgehog 2 sonic 2 improvement platformer this hack contains fixes for several bugs and inconsistencies found in the original game. Most hacks make sonic faster, add new levels, along with other things. Sonic the hedgehog 2 painful world spikes kaizo.

It picks up right after the first fight with magus in the original chrono trigger, after he’s sent back in time to 12.000 b.c. Sonic robo blast 2 1. It also features multiple elements from ‘’sonic 3 & knuckles’’ including element shields, character abilities, and game save features.

Rings are replaced with stars, original zones and more that'll make this the best sonic xmas rom hack! The homing attack will be triggered when close to objects such as enemies or monitors. Sonic, but it's messed up!

The 4th and current installment includes levels from the 3rd version as. I recommend sonic retro if you want to search for rom hacks. The hack comes with 3 different playstyles for metal sonic.

Time posts from sonic cd can be found around levels, and work as you'd expect them too. Some mods you’ll encounter include rom hacks of sonic the hedgehog 2, sonic pocket adventure as well as mods for pc versions of the original sonic adventure dx release, sonic generations and sonic lost world. One of the best hacks available for rpg classic chrono trigger is prophet’s guile, an expansion that follows the story of magus as he rises to power in the kingdom of zeal.

For hacks of roms used in console hardware and emulation! It stars metal sonic as the playable character instead of sonic the hedgehog. The only difference between this version and the one from june 1st is that the rom checksum has been fixed, and it will boot with us/european bioses.

Nice sprites, good characters, and some good levels make this my most favorite sonic rom hack! While two of these zones (wood and hidden palace) are available in the prototype rom floating around the net, they’re in an unfinished and. His jump height has also been reduced to a 2.

Here's my top 5 favourite sonic hacks (not in any order): Sonic 2 heroes is a hack of sonic the hedgehog 2 for the sega mega drive by flamewing that allows the player to direct sonic, tails, and knuckles simultaneously, similar to sonic heroes. Sonic among the others this rm hack is a little weired, but its.


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