Blizzard Account Hacked Email Changed

How to identify and report suspicious communications. So i got this email today:

Blizzard Cs – The Americas On Twitter Unmonderiant It Links To Your Account Name If You Used A Fake Name Or Different Name Our Support Team Will Still Need To Verify Everything

However after slowly typing in my password 3 times, i noticed it said account not found.

Blizzard account hacked email changed. How they did it i don't know. Confused, i tried to make a blizzard account with the same email i had used for my overwatch account and it worked. Someone changed the email on my activision account.

Secure your computer to avoid being hacked again after you've regained access. I sent the webform right away when i found out my account was hacked. I reported it to blizzard and they are responding to me with the hackers name.

If you believe your activision account has been compromised, please contact activision support. Make sure you add an authenticator and sms to your account when you get it back. So it seems like my account has been hacked and the email has been changed.

If you recently made account changes, please disregard this message. This basically means that someone got access to my blizzard account and was able to change my email to his own without me confirming the change. Navigate to profile, then basic info, and select edit next to the password.

More than 100 results found for hack, hacked, compromise, stolen, lost, missing, login, issue, gold, email, changed received a suspicious login verification request on my authenticator information about securing an account that is getting verification requests that they did not initiate. Shouldn't be much harder than that, though it might take a few days. This will allow you to switch it to a new phone without going through the.

More than 100 results found for hack, hacked, compromise, stolen, lost, missing, login, issue, gold, email, changed received a suspicious login verification request on my authenticator Before you email blizzard anything, do a virus scan, change your password to your email and put 2fa on everything. Recover the password through email.

The email is changed and all. This all began when i received two emails from blizzard saying there had been login attempts on my account followed by a confirmation of password change email. However, if you did not make any changes to your account, we recommend you change your password and make appropriate corrections as soon as possible to ensure account security.

Create a free account %user_battletag% %user_battletag_code% %user_email% account settings. My blizzard account got hacked and i cant contact blizzard customer support without the account. Blizzard customer support is unable to assist with recovering an activision account.

You can log in and manage your blizzard account here: I created a new account just so i could post this and hopefully get this fixed. Almost a week without gaming and i feel naked :p

Regain my account back from hacker. Next if you have any of the original cd keys for any game on your bnet account like the cd key you used to sign up for a wow account or something make sure you include that as proof of ownership. I can't log in to my blizzard account.

Confirm your password and enter a new one, following activision’s strong password. More than 100 results found for hack, hacked, compromise, stolen, lost, missing, login, issue, gold, email, changed can't access email address registered to account After one of your accounts has been hacked, it's not a bad idea to change all.

My activision account was hacked! My instagram account was hacked, i got the account back through support, but i received an email that my email address (to which my account is linked) was changed. Account hacked & email changed.

The hacker couldn't actually have reset the password. Go to the activision account login page. Write down the serial number and restore code when you get the authenticator too.

Once you've secured your computer, submit a ticket to recover your account. My blizzard was hacked, email and password changed. So my account has been hacked and my email changed.

Please log in to submit feedback. Three hours later another email said that the email associated with my account had be changed to different one (that i didn't recognize) and i've been unable to login at all. On monday i found out that my account have been hacked.

The email was sent to me over 2 months ago and i did not realize my account was hacked 2 comments The strange thing is that i first got an email that my email address was changed, i.e. My email address for battle net was changed by somebody and now whenever i sign in, it says account not found.

If the hacker has changed your password, you can use this method. Does anyone know how long it will take for blizzard to restore my account? Because of this i can’t even try to change my password or log in to submit a ticket on the customer support website.

After you've updated your software, you should change the passwords on your accounts. Create a free account %user_battletag% %user_battletag_code% %user_email% account settings. I can't even redeem a new password because.

If you think your account has been hacked, follow the steps below to regain access to your account and prevent future compromises. (link to account page that i cant log into because i dont. I sent a support ticket, however i couldn't use my email address because there was no account вђ¦.

I spent a lot of money on games that someone has stolen. I want my account back, using my correct email:

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