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“it’s only taken me over 40 years, but i know now the correct way to close a cereal box. From her facebook post, she said, had to share this!!!

Woman Demonstrating Correct Way To Close Cereal Box Gets 3000000 Views – Art-sheep

Becky holden mcghee shared an ingenious cereal box folding hack.

Cereal box hack facebook. And then fold over flaps at the top inside the box and pinch the top together, to prevent air getting into the box. In ny and i’m in the kitchen folding my cereal boxes,” commented tara ennis. The idea caught the attention of so many people that even cleaning guru, mrs hinch, tried our the hack on her instagram stories.

The hack was even keeping people up at night. Even mrs hinch is getting in on the action. The post has since had over 82,000 shares and 14,000 likes from fellow grateful parents credit:

Jenna gives it a try. Becky holden mcghee took to facebook sunday with a genius cereal box hack, and you’ll wonder how you’ve made it all these years without knowing it. One of the long flaps, then you press in the two narrow sides of the box kinda like you're maybe like wrapping a christmas present like this.

By folding the sides inward, the box stays neat and the cereal stays. Becky holden mcghee, from blackpool in the uk, shared a video of her ingenious method on facebook recently with the caption: I have a plastic cereal container to pour everything in,” one user wrote.

This is now what an exciting day looks like for me pic.twitter.com/fipzphnicf. It involves folding the larger. “it’s only taken me 40 years, but i now know the correct way to close a cereal box,” wrote becky holden mcghee on her facebook.

Then, take one long flap and tuck that into the box. “tempted to open new boxes to. After posting the cereal box folding hack, her facebook page blew up reaching millions of people who have had the same problems with the top of their boxes.

The uk mom shared a post on may 10 to show the correct way to close a cereal box. The box of special k what you wanna do is fold in the two little flaps and you fold down this guy. A mom stunned nearly two million viewers after she posted a useful hack on how to properly close a cereal box, on facebook.

Becky from blackpool, uk couldn’t. You've been closing cereal boxes wrong your. She shares her amazing discovery in a facebook post on sunday (10 may).

Your move, cereal box makers. She included several photos and even a video showing just how easy it is. The hack was coined by uk mum becky holden mcghee, who said that although it has taken her forty years, she has finally figured out the real way to close cereal boxes.in her (now viral) facebook post, she said:

The facebook caption was captioned: That's where it looks like an envelope and then you just fold this puppy how it goes on the inside on the inside and these are kinda smaller flaps, so it. A mum has blown people’s minds online by showing them a simply hack for closing cereal boxes and avoiding the contents of it going stale.

Becky mcghee has knocked our socks off with her hack for keeping cereal boxes closed! Becky holden mcghee, mother and celebrant from the united kingdom, shared. It only takes seconds, no more dried up cereal and ugly torn up boxes to.

— laura (@ljgtweets) may 11, 2020. Tried that cereal box hack from facebook and i'm so made up. “i just tear the whole top apart,” another joked.

Becky mcghee, a mother of two from the u.k., recently shared the clever trick on her facebook page. Some users said the hack was unnecessary, noting that bee’s method requires “too much hard work.” “too much effort. Mom demonstrates the right way of closing cereal boxes.

Facebook / becky holden mcghee. She was alerted to the new trend after her fans shared the hack with her and like everyone else, she was pretty amazed by the results. Next, fold the two shorter sides of the box into a.

This makes sealing them an unsightly affair. “it’s only taken me 40 years, but i now know the correct way to close a cereal box,” becky wrote in her facebook post. Tiktok user katy ( @katybee2020) filmed herself closing her cereal box in an innovative way that most of us have never seen in action, let alone thought to do.

However, one ms mcghee has, after 40 years, figured out the “correct” way to close a cereal box. She posted the video to show how to refold the flaps of the box, and it is going viral now. If you’ve ever struggled to get a cardboard box of cereal to stay closed, this hack is for you.

More people joined in to share their own folding techniques for what seems like new, happier cereal breakfasts to come. She has been wondering for about 40 years to do this life hack. Debate rages over simple road rule.

It takes seconds, no more dried up cereal and ugly torn boxes to greet me every morning 😂 Thanks to the glue sealing the box, most of us are probably left with torn bits of cardboard when we open our breakfast cereals. Here’s how twitter reacted the cereal box hack:

Take both small side flaps and tuck them into the box. Becky holden mcghee has shared a video on facebook on how to correctly close cereal boxes and it's left people amazed.

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