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What type of information/ news are you looking for? I was posting a comment to hacker news about a month or two ago and i said something off color one day and got modded down.


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Asking why was a mistake.

Hacker news down reddit. The eff in a blog post states: They have to start making site reliability priority #1. It is a democratic news system similar to reddit, except new users cannot downvote (a means of stopping manipulation).

F5bot will send you an email whenever one of your keywords is mentioned on reddit, hacker news, or lobsters. The design of hn was directly intended to address the shortcomings of programming.reddit.com from someone very much on the inside (reddit was a paul graham y combinator startup).as such we studied it. I've spent quite a bit of time on each of these sites, but i don't really think that anybody has gotten this right yet.

A mirror of hacker news' best submissions. At the same time, it preserves vertical positions, so that messages continue drifting down as they age. Reddit vs hacker news vs twitter.

Reddit is reportedly raising cash at a $400 million valuation. For one of the world's largest web sties, reddit is down a lot. ★★★ great for technology links, but the commentary should be taken with a grain of salt.

Reddit is down (reddit.com) 27 points by l33tbro 22 minutes ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments. 60.3k members in the hackernews community. It is focused on programming, developing, and tech.

@ced sorry for the missing. Users submit content and if other users feel it contributes to the macro discussion, they upvote it. Hyped news amplifier spreads hacker news messages on the page, and rates reddit messages with up to 5 stars, according to the number of points and comments, conveniently weighted the way you like.

By late afternoon, my blog’s server (a vps from liquid web with just one site) was struggling to keep up and had severe lag. Press j to jump to the feed. Paul graham’s hacker news is a great website to find interesting programming links and sane discussion.

It's nonsense, just people who see something happen once and continue to make nonsense assumptions. I mean, yeah, votes up and down are great and all. Aaron swartz is an eclectic persona;

Viewed 2k times 4 2. Active 1 year, 7 months ago. Years ago, i was a /.

I think when most people talk about hn they mean the y combinator site. When my server went down, i contacted liquid web to see if there was something they. Reddit is down | hacker news.

The service is completely free. Hacker news is a much stabler community; aaron did more than almost anyone to make the internet a thriving ecosystem for open knowledge, and to keep it that way.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts So when a subreddit gets in the news big time (like with wallstreetbets) the site tends to crash. A mirror of hacker news' best submissions.

Reddit is a very popular site, but is not usually subject to big spikey influxes of new visitors, just the regulars. Use it to monitor your brand, your projects, or just topics that you're interested in. In addition to the hacker news vote ups, the article was voted up in the technology section of reddit, which drew even more visits.

Fastly cdn is down (affecting reddit, github, so,.) : I thought it was harmless, and eventually, asked why people were modding me down for what i saw as a truth. It feels almost as bad as twitter from the fail whale days.

I'm trying to build a discussion app in django that, like reddit and hacker news, is fully threaded and sorts each comment by up/down vote. Interestingly, i’ve never heard of the hacker news. While hacker news has a fraction of the traffic that reddit does, the smaller site could actually have an impressive valuation as a.

Social engineering is part of hacking culture. Reddit shuts down subreddits including r/the_donald and r/chapotraphouse | hacker news. Hacker news is extremely popular in technology and startup circles, and posts that make it to the top of hacker news' listings can get hundreds of thousands of visitors as a result.

I haven't analize the hacker news algorithm, but i suppose multiple calculations time by time. Frequently the site will be up, but you'll just get served a public homepage as if you weren't logged in. Or are you just looking for some brain snacks during breaks?

Devotee, then later found digg, reddit, hn, and so. Calling yourself the hacker news or even some bullshit like hackernews.ca can garner you enough traffic and piggyback off the original ycomb site. But there's one thing about the way that current social news sites works that really bothers me:

They needed brigading and skewed voting to allow sponsored posts, celebrity and popularity, and promoted ideals to be artificially promoted as. Reddit screwed up all it's integrity when it stopped showing downvote stats in addition to upvote counts. I feel embarrassed for their engineers.

I was modded down until i got banned. F5bot is a free service that emails you when your selected keywords are mentioned on reddit, hacker news, or lobsters. If i'm not wrong, i think is better to calculate the score only once as reddit algorithm does when up/down vote (only one register affected in database vs.

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