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Trying to keep trolls out, or trying to enforce only some arbitrary definition of civil discussion creates a community that is severely uninteresting. But we’ll provide them with lesser karma accounts.

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It's the most boring site i've tried to read in ages.

Hacker news downvote karma. On hacker news, users receive karma whenever another user upvotes a submission or comment they made, which incentives. Mrchess on oct 11, 2012 No topic downvote only comment downvote (which i think is around 500).

They appear on comments after users reach a certain karma threshold, but never on. Hacker news is a lot less hospitable in reality than it seems to an outsider. Even past that threshold, you can't downvote responses to your own comments.

For posts that are already on the main or second page, you can order at most 35 upvotes, but we'll provide them with lesser karma accounts. A list of hacker news's undocumented features and behaviors. Paul graham’s hacker news is a great website to find interesting programming links and sane discussion.

2 points by hypewatch on june 12, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments: I'd vehemently disagree with that. Hacker news karma is roughly translated as the number of upvotes of your stories and comments minus the number of downvotes.

Hacker news, a simple link aggregator owned and operated by silicon valley startup incubator y combinator, has had many positive effects on sv startups and engineers as a whole. Hacker news downvote comment $ 1.95 (max: The unofficial hacker news faq.

I'm going to go a bit against the grain. According to this article, in 2017, being on the front page brings a sudden influx of between 10k and 30k visitors to your website/article, something many content marketers, product people, and entrepreneurs undoubtedly salivate over, including me. The only way to effectively downvote an article is to flag it, but only do this with articles that you feel should not be on the site at all.

If you don't make it to the main page after at most 10 of our upvotes and a few organic ones, more won't help! The karma scores next to the comments encourage people to try to post clever comments that will garner the laughter and upvotes of other users. Voting ring detection has been one of hn’s priorities for over 12 years and it’s pretty good.

The karma factor is determined by the number of upvotes on a user. Hacker news (sometimes abbreviated as hn) is a social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship.it is run by paul graham's investment fund and startup incubator, y combinator.in general, content that can be submitted is defined as anything that gratifies one's intellectual curiosity. the word hacker in hacker news is used in its original meaning and. Hn is about “anything that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity”.

Downvoting threads is done with the flag button which appears at the same time. That's probably a wise limitation when you think about it. This method makes it impossible to downvote somebody you disagree with.

Explanations in two of our articles: The developer has not uploaded any screenshots. To respond to the actual question though, sometime after you cross 500 karma points, you’ll be able to downvote comments too (posts cannot be downvoted.

There is no karma level that i know of that will allow you to downvote articles. Shows hacker news karma breakdown (stories vs. The tone is more serious.

10/new post) we upvote with very strong accounts; If you just register a lurker account and enable showdead and look around it's a veritable zombietown in here. You can only downvote a comment if you have enough “karma” on the site, which is another compelling element of hacker news.

Having high number of karma will allow you to do many other things on hacker news such as making polls, customize the top bar background color and. Closest you get is flag which happens at around 20 karma and reduces the staying power of a post. Hacker news new | past | comments | ask | show | jobs | submit:

However, one should not mistake what passes. > there are no down arrows on stories. 10/comment) each of the accounts used for downvoting has at least 500 karma.

The more karma you gain the higher probability you can downvote comments. At what karma level can i downvote articles? Perhaps robots might enjoy it, but i sure don't.

Hacker news is a sterile wasteland. The design of hn was directly intended to address the shortcomings of programming.reddit.com from someone very much on the inside (reddit was a paul graham y combinator startup).as such we studied it. Shows hacker news karma breakdown (stories vs.

You need x karma to see it. Like any performance, timing plays a role, quality plays a role, and luck should not be discounted. The thread where the comment resides has to be newer than 30 hours.

If you get a few downvotes early on, the downvote brigade will help ensure a continued slide. The way to gain karma is to entertain your audience. Hacker news, as evinced above by the comment above, does not allow downvoting at all.

Hacker news has software to detect vote manipulation (ie. What’s the karma threshold for downvote ability: So far my takeaways are:

Hacker news karma breakdown offered by jared.sohn (0) 3 users.

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