Hbo Max Email Hacked

Stream or download over a mobile network. Create a new email address(not linked to a phone number.

My Hbo Max Got Hacked Into And All My Account Details Got Changed Including Email And Password I Cant Sign In On My Computer To Cancel My Subscription Rhbomax

It appears almost everyone was sent a test email by accident, giving everyone a peek behind the curtain.

Hbo max email hacked. I can't change the password because of this. If these steps don't help or you don’t have access to your account email, please contact us via phone or chat. Hbo max subscribers received a strange email on thursday that left many wondering what was going on.

Change the password and update to the new email address. Write down your new email password and hbo max password on a secure piece of paper. Do not sell my personal information.

Sign off all devices from hbo max 4. On a pc, go to your roku account, change the password to something a hacker won't figure out, and confirm that it has your proper email address associated with it. How to start or stop getting hbo emails.

Hbo max has been mocked and consoled after sending out an unusual email to its customers. Hbo max users confused over 'integration test' email: “we apologize for the inconvenience, and as the jokes.

What am i supposed to do to fix this, there is no customer service number. Set hbo max parental controls. Verify your account email address.

One of our agents will contact you at the number provided, usually in under an hour unless you selected a specific time. In the meantime, if you have any related issues, try the relateed articles or continue browsing the hbo max help center. My account was hacked too.

Looks like as i soon as i logged them out someone might have changed my email as well. Help, i really just want to hit the kill switch on whoever is currently in my account. Keep kids from switching profiles.

What to do if you think your account has been compromised. I logged off other accounts and tried to reset my password and i never got reset email. They gave me a new password and helped me change the email back and password!

As stated earlier, go to it takes a bit of exploring but eventually i found a search box where i was able to find a contact us section and i chose the chat option. To start or stop getting these emails, do the following: If you're concerned that someone might have access to your hbo account, change your password and sign out of all devices using the steps below.

“integration test email #1,” the subject line of the. Customer service gave me big fat answer on how they have huge process to get this resolved. Accessibility features on hbo max.

Like i can watch shows on it. I contacted hbomax and put my phone number in and they called me back in under 5 mins. I was hacked 2 days in a row.

Search all of your inbox folders for an email from hbo max (including your promotions and spam folder). But my account in hbo max settings on the tv w it working, actually has been changed to the user name in the email. If that is the case, then this could not only prevent you from accessing hbo max yourself but also end up putting your bank account in the wrong heads.

I searched my primary email and found a notification that someone changed my hbo max roku app info but again, hbo max support was useless, and kept asking me dumb questions as to what my email was even after i told them its been wiped out by a hacker. Stream friends , looney tunes cartoons , wonder woman , the studio ghibli collection, and so much more. Choose get a new code on the check your email inbox screen, then check your email again.

Go to and sign in (if needed). Hbo max appeared on my roku with some random person's account connected that i do not know. And once your account is hacked, depending on the provider where you purchased hbo max, it can be a big pain to restore your credentials.

How to find out if your hbo max account was hacked. My hbo max account was hacked and somebody changed the email and password. I was given a temp password and fixed the email address.

Like some other person's email and profiles. We periodically send hbo show and movie recommendations, product updates, and special offers. Go to and sign in (if needed).

While hbo max offers you the ability to share your account with your friends and family members, you might have someone unauthorized accessing your account. Make sure your first step should be 1. Help keep your account secure.

And it says the email is that auto generated email. If someone manages to get access to your hbo max account without your permission, the most obvious sign will be an inability for you to access your own account. Can i manually adjust the video quality?

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