How Do I Get My Safelink Minutes

You'll get a reply asking for the last four digits of your new serial number or new sim card number. However i always receive a text message from safelink ( even when i do get my minutes ) that if you did not receive your monthly minutes please text 55555 to the sender of the text message and you will.


Upon receipt of your safelink wireless handset, your handset will have one year of service, and your minutes for the first month will have already been included.

How do i get my safelink minutes. * press the menu key. Safelink wireless po box 160490. Please note that, you must have a compatible or unlocked gsm phone in order to participate in the safelink keep your own smartphone plan.

You may retrieve your monthly minutes by following these instructions: You must accept this assistance to receive the benefits. Nationwide coverage on america's best networks.

1> check safelink balance via text. The best way to add minutes to a safelink phone is to check the three options that recharge has to offer. If you look at the products section, you’ll see three options:

How do i get more minutes on my obama phone? My safe link phone either lost or stolen can i get another. Free data for internet usage.

Safelink airtime is issued in minute (or unit) increments. You can visit safelink's website to check your balance or even simply to find out how to check minutes on safelink. Your phone should now be set up.

How do i check my safelink minutes on my phone? Since neither the phones nor the service are provided by the government directly, you need to deal with the carrier of your lifeline phone. We will send you a sim card to be placed in your phone that allows the handset to receive your monthly minutes.

Safelink wireless is a provider of the government's lifeline support program. To check your current balance, text the word balance to 611611 here. Enter 555 and press ok.

Customers who qualify get a free cell phone and 250 minutes of free wireless voice. You then have to set up your account, this can be done by ringing tracfone with the activation code and sim card number found on the back of the card and speaking to the customer representative. Most people using an “obama phone” signed up through either safelink wireless or.

Each month you will receive your free minutes on the first three days of the month as long as you have your phone powered on. While you are enrolled in the safelink program, you will receive a free monthly allotment of airtime minutes, as approved in your state. Yes, please follow our keep your own smartphone process on your phone/plan selection.

Bundles, data and phone credit. If your screen displays a message, go down and press ok until you see “card #” or “airtime pin”. You may qualify for a free cell phone and minutes.

Ad recharge phone credit in seconds. Loved ones, emergency contacts, and employment opportunities are all at your fingertips with one of our premium, discounted devices. Go to “redeem airtime” or “add airtime”.

If your screen displays a message, go down and press ok until you see “card #” or “airtime pin”. You are opted in to receive truly unlimited talk, text and data with hotspot starting march 1, 2021, and we will contact you if the fcc requests further information from you. I have a safelink cell phone as well, to make sure you get your minutes each month the phone has to be on to receive the minutes, if the phone is off you will not get them.

If you're not using a smart phone, you can also go through a special process on your phone to find out your balance. Enter 555 and press ok. 411 directory assistance at no additional cost.

Didn't get minutes on my cell phone first of month it's a trac phone lg i want to know why it's safelink and it's robert's it's a trac phone and model number is lg320g from janury 3 that's only time he got his free minutes after that nothing at all it's a sakelink i'm the one who order the phone for him to used i'm the only one with a laptop he want to know if he can get his minutes. Standard messaging rates may apply. I texted ebb and received this message:

Safelink customers may purchase and use any safelink or tracfone airtime cards for their safelink phone. Accordingly, how do i check my safelink minutes via text? After you text the number, you will receive a confirmation with instructions to complete the activation of your new device or sim.

With the safelink wireless service you get: For enrollment and plan changes support: Text onestep to 611611 on your old device.

Go to redeem airtime or add airtime. The official line is beginning of the month. i used to leave my lg 441g off & in the car most of the time, so if it looked like the balance was stuck, i'd go to the phone menu: When purchasing double minutes, all safelink customers automatically receive double minute benefits on any purchases of additional airtime.

For instructions on how to block or unblock a phone number, text block or unblock to 611611 here. Units are deducted from the safelink phone at a rate of one (1) unit per minute or partial minute of use. Hours of operation for enrollments and plan changes:

However, the most common is to purchase one of the many bundle combos that can be seen in the first option. Prepaid will be displayed across your screen. Tracfone markets double minutes cards for tracfone users.

You'll be asked your phone numberand last 4 digits of phone's serial number (imei or meid) to knowyour balance. Can i add minutes to my safelink phone? Your handset will remain active for one year upon shipment.

Since 2008, safelink has helped keep millions of individuals connected to what matters most to them through our free wireless program. Prepaid > add airtime > enter 555 and keep the phone on. Text ebb to 611611 to get started!

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