How To Make A Balloon Arch Without An Arch

You can absolutely diy a balloon arch without helium by following the steps above. Feed your aluminum rod arch into your poles.

Balloon Week Diy Balloon Arch Without Helium – The Daily Hostess

I recently hosted a #girlpower themed baby shower and wanted to make a fun statement piece, so i thought an arch would be perfect.

How to make a balloon arch without an arch. Helium is expensive, especially if you are constructing a large arch. You can make a fancy balloon arch without helium or wire. I didn’t even know 5″ balloons existed until i started doing this project.

An organic balloon arch is defined by an arrangement where the balloons seem to naturally spread out with varying sizes and colors. Repeat until you have enough doubled balloons to cover the arch. Without it you will just have a simple string of balloons on the balloon arch tape.

Creating a balloon arch in times past was a long and tedious process. You also are able to keep track fo the balloons a lot more easily. Always put your duct tape at an angle.

Do your own arch balloon without stand. Ps make sure it is “low temperature” a regular glue gun will burn through the latex and pop your poor balloons. Then you can wrap the balloons onto the taught line.

Attach the balloon tape (this isn’t sticky tape, but rather clear plastic tape with holes to push the balloon knots through) to where you want your balloon arch to be. It can help to put a little duct tape even if the rod fits into the pole, just to secure it. I used 5″ and 11″.

What kind of balloons will you need? 11” balloons, tied in quads. To built up the shape of my balloon arch i used the 12″ inch balloons to fill in all my punch holes.

You don’t have to have a kit to make a balloon arch, but it does really simplify things since it comes with the different sizes of balloons, the tape to attach your balloons to, and sticky glue dots that you will need for the small balloons. In fact, i think it’s much easier to make your own balloon garland without helium. Unless your arch is framed, you're probably using helium.

Attach lightweight string (or fishing line if you want the attachments to be invisible) to the knotted end of the blown up balloons. If you are doing a single balloon teardrop arch, then insert them all on the same side. Following that i hung my balloon garland on my pallet using regular push pins on both sides and started using my 5 inch balloons to build up the shape and add more contrast.

The mini balloons make all the texture in these arches. Blow up your balloons to a variety of sizes. You can also make it appear like the balloons are floating without helium!you can float a baby gender reveal balloon without helium unto the ceiling (using the glue dot tape) and pop it, then watch all the confetti fall can make a fancy balloon arch without helium or wire.

Tie the tied ends of the balloons together to attach them into doubles. How long does it take to make a balloon arch? It’s all thanks to one little party decor gadget that has made all of these balloon posts possible.

In the final post, i’m showing you how to make a balloon arch without using helium. Blow up two balloons and tie them closed. Beautiful decorative design for birthday parties and any kind of occasions.

You need the low temp glue gun to stick smaller balloons onto the larger ones! Creating a balloon arch using the balloon decorating strip measure and cut your balloon decorating strip to the correct length. See more ideas about balloon arch, balloon decorations, balloons.

By using an air pump, instead of a helium tank, you cut your price way down. Regular latex party balloons are the perfect kind. Once you fill all your punch holes with balloons you should have a pretty balloon garland.

Attach each balloon to two others, on each side, leaving enough spce between the knots to allow the balloons. If you are using poles that don’t have holes in the top you can duct tape your aluminum rod or wire to the pole. You can choose whatever colors you want but consider getting a some balloon colors in both 5″ and 11″.

Grab the knot that you tied and insert into an open hole on the balloon strip. The easiest way to wrap the balloons onto the fishing line, or dacron arch line, is by stretching the line between two chairs.

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