O2 Sensor Spacer Hack

So i decided to find out if spacers would fit instead of tweaking. Hmm interesting, they put the resistor and capacitor both in parallel between the white and blue wires without being connected to the oxygen sensor;

You Can Hack Fix P0420 With Oxygen Sensor Spacer Dont Try Anything Else Priuschat

The o2 spacer is 17/32 or just a hair bigger than 1/2 dia o2 sensor will fit.

O2 sensor spacer hack. Certainly with the proper equipment. P0420 is 'the subaru code'. Discussion in 'gen 3 prius care, maintenance & troubleshooting' started by anonymous, aug.

They are very easy to install by unscrewing your o2 sensor from your exhaust then screw your sensor into the extender and then screw the two pieces back into your exhaust. If the output is less than 95% it throws the p0420 code. Before you begin, you must let your car cool down completely.

The rear o2 sensor's primary function is determining issues with the cat. Oxygen sensors are part of the vehicle's emissions control system and it may or may not be legal to replace the o2 sensor with a dummy sensor. It allows you to tune your air/fuel ratio by hooking up a potentiometer to your oxygen sensor (and or) your map sensor.

The effect of this is that when the afr of the exhaust gas changes (changing load, rpm, etc.) the afr of trapped exhaust in the deadheaded region does not reflect what is being felt in the engine. What is p0420 o2 sensor hack. Our premium angled o2 simulater is designed for tight installation areas and is extremely effective on larger displacement engines.

The spacer puts the o2 sensor out of the exhaust flow. The extender has a 7/8 hex head which is the same size as most o2 sensors and it makes them easier to install not like the straight sided extenders. Spacers will work to cover up a non functioning cat, but not on honda's.

The oxygen sensor in your vehicle controls the air to fuel ratio. These mods are only a bandaid on a bigger problem. 1 x o2 sensor spacer (as shown in the pictures) specifications:

Altho the lower end, postcat, may send. The spacer goes on the down stream o2 sensor. It is constantly making a comparison between the oxygen inside the exhaust manifold and air outside the engine.

He also made sure the silver bar on the diode was facing towards the ecm. When you put the engine under load it reverts to a fuel and timing map as far as i know. So for example is the o2 sensor is reading 0.5 the computer will see 0.5 + 0.4 = 0.9.

Graphing the output on an obdii scanner shows an erratic curve with. This sensor is not used to control the fuel mixture. Remove an upstream o2 sensor, use a low pressure gauge like a vacuum gauge connected to a fitting that can screw into the bung (compression tester fittings would work) or use a proper backpressure tester, start the engine.

It is used to monitor the health of the cat. How does an o2 sensor work? He used a 3a barrel diode and spliced into his blue wire on his o2 sensor.

I was reluctant to try this hack because i didn't think there was enough space in the gen 3. It has very limited scope as far as a/f correction in normal operation. There is a good chance that o2 sensors burn out.

Classical emulation of a lambda sensor, you can replace this sensor with a square signal generator ( e.g ne 555 ) output from vmax = 1v to vmin = 0.2v the average seen by the ecu you vary the widht of the pulses from the generator as your needs are. The only thing was this was for his bank 1 sensor 2 o2 sensor. O2 sensor extenders are used as a hack “fix” for a catalyst inefficiency code, p0420.

So then i tried using a low pass filter but it required too many attempts and too much time to find the right values. An oxygen sensor is a chemical generator. Faking out an oxygen sensor refers to the process of bypassing the sensor so that the sensor does not relay the correct information to the system's computer.

If this comparison shows little or no oxygen in the exhaust manifold, a voltage is generated. If the sensor is out of the stream by using a spacer, it never sees the response and will set the code. The advantage of having theoxygen sensor spacer backing it out of the way of the exhaust flow.

This tricks the ecu into thinking that the cat is working when you don't have one or have a high flow one. Designed to stand off the exhaust pipe to clear obstructions and provide a measured capacity to keep the check engine light (cel) off. In my head, the spacer would make the sensor detect less oxygen making the ecu think its in.

The output of the sensor is usually between 0 and 1.1 volts. On the owner’s manual, it will advise you to visit the dealership asap. You will be working with the engine, and on the exhaust systems, so it's wise to wait for a couple of hours before you start.

.click for more info and ordering. So far i have only found one person that seemed to have luck with this hack on his sienna. This is especially useful if you are trying to manually override the air and fuel.

Unlike the low pass filter hack where you keep the oxygen sensor connected, but with the capacitor in parallel and the resistor in series on the blue wire between the cap and sensor. How to bypass oxygen / o2 sensor, step by step: Originally posted by cobb tuning.

The magnum car truck suv oxygen sensor simulator is carefully calibrated to mimic the signal from the oxygen sensor to keep it in the range the electronic control module is expecting to see. You can hack fix p0420 with oxygen sensor spacer; If an o2 sensor is going out, either side of the cat, it should be replaced to make the ecm run correctly.

So first i experimented a bit and tried poisoning the sensor with silicone but that didn't do anything. What o2 spacer does is to shield the exhaust gases coming from the cat away from the downstream o2 sensor and by so doing the signal from it will be flatlined around 450millivolts, hence the ecm will pass the cat as affective. The catalytic converter's performance is measured by the secondary oxygen sensor.

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You Can Hack Fix P0420 With Oxygen Sensor Spacer Dont Try Anything Else Priuschat

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You Can Hack Fix P0420 With Oxygen Sensor Spacer Dont Try Anything Else Priuschat

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You Can Hack Fix P0420 With Oxygen Sensor Spacer Dont Try Anything Else Priuschat

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