Pizza Box Life Hack

By simply tearing off parts of the original pizza box, you can transform it into a smaller container. Other tiktok users, like arnie negrete, have filmed themselves creating this mini pizza box hack, proving that it indeed does work.while hunter may not be the first to discover it — this tweet from 2014 shows the same process — his video helped popularize it.

Pizza Box Folding Hack Lets You Keep Leftovers In The Fridge Without Taking Up Loads – Heart

We can’t verify that all pizza boxes are equipped to do this, but we can say that specific boxes do seem to have this ability.

Pizza box life hack. For those of you who don't know every pizza box can do this, he begins. Our favorite life hacker sunny is back and this time she's cooking up some pizza box hacks! From a boat battle game and beautiful box art to a fully function.

Pizza boxes are actually built to fold up and fit into small spaces. Tiktok video from nate hunter (@nateandgran): Tiktok user nateandgran shared a brilliant hack that easily transforms an ordinary pizza box into a perfect size for leftovers.

Some large pizza boxes are easily tearable and can be divided up for your friends to place their cheesy slices on. The video shows that all you have to do is tear off the top half of the pizza box, tear off the middle parts of the edges, and the box pretty much folds in half. Pizza box folding hack to keep leftovers in the fridge is blowing people's minds.

The original tiktok was posted by @nateandgran (nate hunter) months ago, and it received a. The hack left many online critics stunned. Pizza box life hacks #fyp #viral #foryoupage #share #duet.

Pizza savers were actually invented to keep pizza box tops from falling down on the dish’s cheese layer during deliveries, but the hack appears to. A video on tiktok has racked up millions of views showing how a pizza box can be folded to take up less room in. One tiktok user and food fanatic, ‘eatmorebmore’ from baltimore posted the hack to tiktok with the caption ‘pizza hack’.

About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators. However, there are mixed reactions to his statement that you could do this with any pizza box. Pizza box life hacks, the caption.

A tiktoker shared a simple trick you didn't know to stash your leftover slices of pizza. Pizza box life hacks lol this is a game changer and will save so much space in the fridge Firstly, use rip off the lid from the box, and then fold and tear it into.

The box can then be folded in half on top of itself, with the sides tucked in. Some of the users were commenting that the video shows a “smart box.” The gist of the video is simple:

He then rips the top off the pizza box, rips off some cardboard from the. Share this video with your friends: Watch the video below for all the details.

He shares that “any” pizza box can be transformed like this, and it only took him a few seconds.

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