Unethical Life Hacks

20 unethical (but brilliant) life hacks from reddit; When going for interview make your 2 or 3 friends to sign up for interview as well and tell them to give the stupidest interview ever.

World Of Technology Completely Unethical Life Hacks 40 Pics

If you hear a mosquito buzzing around at night while you are trying to sleep, cover yourself fully and uncover some skin of your sleeping life partner.

Unethical life hacks. Specifically, there is a code on the receipt which, after you fill out an online survey, entitles you to one subway cookie. Taking dvantage of people's good side is very reliable. They have always honored this for me.

Unethical life hacks #1 make friends with realtors, they have access to empty houses all over town #2 search the profile pic on dating sites with google to make sure it’s not fake #3 quick buck by buying old furniture at thift shops, work on it and sell it again on etsy They should be regarded as informational and for entertainment purposes rather than as actual suggestions. Use a memory foam pillow as a fart bomb;

This life hack is fairly unethical, but if you’re ever desperately hungry… go for it. Buy a wheelchair and put crap in your lap (the cardboard boxes for paper reems work well and can be gotten for free). You get a full can versus just a small plastic cup.

You can implant ideas or credencies in others mind, such as they will become uncounscious that they are spreading some thought of. Get cheaper services just by asking for them Here are the best and funniest life hacks that are unquestionably unethical.

Usually, i am not amazed by the likes of hacks, which tell us that we can use a. I can’t believe some of these, they are absolutely terrible. If the person sitting in front of you on a flight reclines.

Life hacks offer us valuable insight into new hidden features that help us improve our quality of life. We definitely do not recommend you try any of these unethical life hacks however we won’t tell if you do. In a lot of jobs, customer praise to management could actually make a difference in your employment life.

If you’re stuck on an annoying call, put your phone on airplane mode instead of just hanging up. The other person will see “call failed” instead of “call ended”. No need for a key card.

Once the shops open buy what they asked for. While most life hacks will just help you do something like unclogging a drain, these life hacks will help you maneuver around the many pitfalls of living in the developed world. While these life hacks are clever, we obviously do not condone using them.

Based on the discoveries of other people who had unusual ways of approaching life. This “be dishonest” hack is easy to do and easy to pull off. I wonder what the outcome would be if this creativity was applied to ethical life hacks.

I think that mental manipulation is in fact, the most powerful instrument to control and manipulate situations and people; Subway, the sandwich restaurant chain, offers a free cookie with every purchase if you fill out a survey. These hacks are uniformly unethical.

Spill drink in the seat in front of you at the movies to avoid people blocking your view. Give your kids a bag of coal each for christmas this year. Get more drinks on a plane for free.

These people put on their thinking caps and circumnavigated the traditional way of doing things to give themselves a leg up in the situation. 10 unethical life hacks for your darker side 10 unethical life hacks to help you get by 15 unethical life hacks for slightly evil people Some of these are pretty creative however.

When they cry just tell them santa is wrong and you’ll get it sorted. There is a blurry line between saving money and making money, and with our best unethical life hacks to make money you’ll learn a little bit of. Roll up to the door behind someone and they'll hold the door for you.

How to slap your boss in the head; Some of these life hacks could be considered unethical,.

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