Watermelon Cutting Trick Hack

Top watermelon lifehackswatermelon has an impressive list of health benefits that include support of a healthy heart, helps to lose weight. Cut the watermelon in half.

15 Wonderful Watermelon Hacks And Tricks – Tara Teaspoon

Slice it, slice it again, slice it the other way, and enjoy:

Watermelon cutting trick hack. Apart from being quick and easy, the video of the hack was also mesmerising to watch. This tiktok user has the perfect hack) the video of the watermelon slicing method went viral on tiktok, with over 37 million views and 1.2 million likes. 6 watermelon hacks just in time for summer;

Cutting watermelon just got a whole lot easier! It’s a trick, of course! Put the ends of the coat hanger into the part of the drill where you’d normally put the drill bit.

Grab a bowl and place it on top of the watermelon. This trick for cutting watermelon is new to us — and so cool. Of course, if you’re really going to pull off this trick, you will also.

It is the only way i cut watermelon now, and it gets easier and quicker each time! This smart, simple way to cut a large watermelon for a crowd makes a perfect bowl of cut fruit. Then fold out the coat hanger and bend it into a sort of very simple thin whisk shape.

This method lets you serve more people at once and those long sticks of fruit are so fun to eat. Instead of slicing the melon into wide wedges that inevitably get juice all over your face and chin, cut the fruit (or any other melon) in half, then slice it in a grid. It's got a lot of fans on amazon, too.

And for parties, there's always the messy problem of leftover rinds. We've learned how to cut a watermelon into sticks, and now we're wondering how. Published on may 29, 2021a cool watermelon cutting trick | watermelon cutting hack youtube | #shorts #shorts #watermeloncutting #cuttinghacks

This juicing method also works well with a hand mixer, too. Not a whole one — the video still can't help you with cutting your watermelon in half. Whether you want to make her edible watermelon plates or just want to learn a few new tricks for cutting summer produce and herbs, this class is a.

It should be about the size of a dime. It may be the classic cut, but the triangular shape insures that you'll always get some on your face. The cutting board needs to be rotated 90 degrees when you are finished so that slices can be made in the other direction.

All you will need to create this skinned watermelon effect is a knife, two watermelons of similar shape and size, a kitchen scrubby pad and a large kitchen spoon. These 15 wonderful watermelon hacks and tips are just what you need to enjoy the best fruit of the summer! Once you've got that sorted, though, this is where the dental floss comes in.

Pull one over on your friends and family at your labor day party with this easy trick! Cut lateral lines, but don't cut them all the way through. Here's how to do it:

This $13 watermelon cutting hack has garnered more than 6.5 million views on tiktok. By summer cartwright july 21, 2020 05:30 pm. First, slice the melon in half crosswise.

Then cut a circle around the rind and cut a grid in the. Flip the bowl and make sure that the watermelon is still covered. Luckily, cubing watermelon is simple to hack with just a few key moves.

Begin by cutting a hole in the side of the watermelon. The watermelon can be sliced as soon as you are done with this part. I have learned so many different hacks online to make life easier, and this is one of my favorites!

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