Winged Eyeliner Hacks For Hooded Eyes

Then with an angled brush or a liquid liner, draw a line downward towards the outer corner, for the perfect winged liner look. Next, fill in the triangular area of the wing, still with your eye open.

Winged Eyeliner For Beginners My Hacks Tricks Makeupmonday

Tiktok user joni sann introduced users to the technique with a.

Winged eyeliner hacks for hooded eyes. Try these eyeliner hacks for hooded eyes: Even without the wings, eyeliner can leave long black lines on droopier lids. Another useful eyeliner hack for small and hooded eye shapes is drawing an irregular wing shape.

Hi sugar puffs here is the promissed video on winged/cat eye eye liner tips for hooded eyes. Celebrity make up artist katie jane hughes shares her hack for creating a winged eyeliner makeup look on hooded eye shapes. Now grab the angled brush.

This hack appears to be one of the most popular and it involves using a teaspoon to create an awesome winged eyeliner look. Here's how she does it. Tiktok has introduced an eyeliner hack specifically for hooded and monolid eyes.

And if you have hooded eyes, nailing this alluring eyeliner look might seem like a distant dream! Winged eyeliner looks great if you are going out for a party, family function or even for a date. Don’t believe us, try these.

How to get rid of hooded eyes: Luckily, hughes' bat wing eyeliner technique is here to save the day. But, it looks even beautiful if you wear winged eyeliner on hooded eyes.hooded eyes make you appear quite dull and so to make it beautiful for all occasion, you can try these tips to apply winged eyeliner for hooded eyes.all these makeup tips will help you know how you can.

But, being left with frazzled marks all over your eyes can be a thing of the past when you learn the proper technique for your eye shape. For a winged eyeliner look, you need to make the tail of your wing short. Then you can close your eye and etch the pencil along your lash line.

But you can solve this problem by cheating the eyeliner shape, personalizing it to the shape of the eyelids. Wearable smokey eye makeup for hooded eyes + giveaway! It's safe to say, i felt like a bit of a loon holding a teaspoon up to.

When you have small or hooded eyelids, a regular xat eyeliner shape tends to break in the crease of the eye when it is opened. Oftentimes, when folks have trouble applying a winged eyeliner look, it's because they have hooded eyes that quickly smudge the silhouette. Folks with hooded and monolid eyes are rejoicing over a new winged eyeliner hack that is all over tiktok, and with good reason.

The trick is to apply your eyeliner with your eyes open and looking straight ahead. So, the fashioner wants to make winged eyeliner look, right? For people with hooded eyes, it is hard to see the crease of your eyelids but that doesn't mean that you cannot rock a wonderful, winged liner look, all you need is the perfect technique.

Because it’s easy to control. Use the bat liner technique swap your pencil for gel use primer to avoid smudging get help with triangles let’s examine each of those hacks in more detail. Also, flick it upwards to give an uplifted look to the eyes.

But trust us, with the right technique, you can achieve the perfect winged eyeliner for hooded eyes every single time. Please remember i am not a make up artist but this tricks work f.

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