Winged Eyeliner Hacks With Tape

Videos you watch may be. A few tips to making this work:

Winged Eyeliner Hack Using Scotch Tape Does It Work – Youtube

Winged eyeliner hacks that actually work!

Winged eyeliner hacks with tape. This hack, as demonstrated by huda kattan, involves taking any angled makeup sponge, applying a touch of liquid liner to the edge and delicately swiping it across and outwards at the outer corner of the eye. They contain adhesives that can react to the skin or leave residue behind. Take two more smaller pieces of tape, and stick them on each eyelid, so that the end meets the other piece of tape, and a triangle is created between the two pieces.

Your beauty hack for the day! Winged eyeliner hack using scotch tape // does it work? Now, take the kajal to make a perfect wing extending the kajal towards the tape!

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Finish the line by going back to the middle of. And voila, you should finish with two perfect wings of black shadow at the corners of each eye.

You can correct any excess with a cotton pad if required. Cut a small strip of tape and stick it to the corner of the eyes thereby making a perfect angle with the eyebrows. First, whittaker placed a long piece of tape extending from the outer corner of one eye down below her nose to the outer corner of her second eye to create the length of the wing.

On tiktok, @kat_longoria 's smoky eyeliner video has amassed an enormous 36.2 million views and counting. We all love good beauty hacks, and of course, the eyeliner is no exception! Certain kinds of tapes can be bad for skin in two ways:

Remove the tape and proudly revel in your pristine wing. Before applying mascara, i cut two 10cm pieces of tape and placed one strip underneath my eye at an upwards angle to shape the wing and another straight. Stick said tape across your face, wrapping it around your nostrils, and ending just below the ends of either eyebrow, so that the tape forms an upwards angle at each eye.

The untold story of scotch tape and winged eyelines. Pro tips to nail the winged eyeliner hack. By cutting the edge of an eraser, so it.

You can use a credit or business card, by placing it onto the skin where you want the line and tracing it, which won’t pull or tug at your skin the same way that tape does. These six hacks will help you perfect winged liner every time.special thanks to: It’s said to leave the perfect wing in its wake, which you.

Our executive editor, lindsey, swears by placing the tape on the back of your hand or on a towel first to make it less sticky—that way it. Now, get that perfect winged eyeliner in no time by using scotch tape.

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